Motivation and Learning

Compare to the researchers of behaviorism and cognitive who put their attentions on learners’ behavior and the process of learning; I am more interested in “what motivate people to learn new things?” From my point of view, I think this question help me to build and examine my own teaching theory from students’ perspective.

My final paper will contain the basic theory about motivation and learning. I also tried to connect motivation, creative teaching and meaningful learning together, because there’s no perfect theory and each teaching theory or strategy has its own benefit. I think creative teaching is one of the strategy which can motive student’s to learn. Once students’ intrinsic motivation has been summoned, learning can be meaningful. I believe that true learning appears only when learners’ learning by heart. I may discuss some strategies for arising students’ motivation from the sources I have collected, and examine the strengths and weakness of these strategies while implemented in the real classroom environment. My final paper will also contain the real experience which I have experienced in Taiwan.